Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick trip home

So things with Without Limits Racing are moving again. The team recently decided to bring Scott Thomson onboard to work with us as an agent/rep to help us try and nail down that big money sponsor that we are still working on. Once we decided to bring him on we wanted to all get together and meet him and discuss our approach from here. Basically it just meant getting my butt back to BOCO for a couple of days to be with the team and meet him. Thanks for Jim I was able to make the trip back for some meetings and some good workouts. 
It was nice to be back in the pool with G and the crew, and another wonderful day at the Pain Cave to wrap up the trip. Scott was crashing in my spare room so it was nice to get a chance to chat him up and see whats what. On the whole I think he is definitely the right guy for the job will significantly increase our chances of the landing the big companies we need.
I am back in KC for a week now, spending some more time with Tay before heading back to Boulder for the holidays. Training most of the day and hanging out with the other man of the house, Bentley, her Swiss Mtn dog have kept things entertaining. Looking forward to some solid training in the next few weeks at home and some quality time with the fam since I missed Thanksgiving for the first time in a few years. Watched the ironman today on tv, and while its not something I want to sign up for anytime soon, it is always an inspiring thing to watch. Mad props to the 72 year old woman who crushed it!!

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