Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So as of last Wednesday I have previously moved base camp to Kansas City, MO so that I could spend some time with my girlfriend during the off season. So far it has been great. I have been able to swim masters with the KC Blazers, bike on the trainer, and run around the city. It is definitely not Boulder, but it certainly isn't bad for the off season. 

The night before I left had been my lil bro's 21st b-day and it was a mildly crazy night. Not quite the likes of a birthday in IC, but it was a good time for sure. Just glad I can finally meet my bro for a beer. 

On the whole things are good, just getting acclimated to a new city and enjoying some quality time with my lady friend.  The foot is still on the mend, did my first back to back days of 40+ mins today so we will see how it is in the morning. 

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