Friday, November 7, 2008

injury report/ fitness check

So as of Monday I finally was able to figure out not only the problem with my foot but how to fix it. Apparently, I have an inflammed retinaculum caused by some tendonitis on the inside of my foot. Cause...I am a big time pronator, ha who knew. Anyway got some help from Adrenaline Tri Shop in Niwot, Gail was great, and found some shoes and some insoles that correct the problem. Now just gotta let it heal. But I am running again, a little at a time and slow, but none the less running. Not going on IR any time soon!

As far as my fitness, well lets say its not where it was. We did our first computrainer session up at BCSM on Wednesday, and it was a 10k time trial. I went 15:46 and averaged 309 watts, which considering my riding was decent. But I lost to Grant right at the end and lets just say that was a first. Nice effort on his part, and a much smarter ride as having no idea what I was doing I went out and averaged 450 watts for the first 4 mins, not smart! Then for fun we did a sprint test. I am out of shape but give me a bit and maybe I am still a sprinter. Averaged 670 watts over the test, not bad but back to reality when Neal said Taylor Phinney does the same course over 1000 watts. Gotta ways to go.

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