Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catching up...

First off, my apologizes for not keeping this updated. Still getting used to the idea of this whole "blogging" stuff. Anyway, a fair amount of stuff has gone down recently figured I should fill everyone in.
As most people know my foot has been on the fritz for about 4 months now, but I haven't been running the last 4 weeks to try and let it heal. Called the season short, skipping TI, and was planning on running a ton. Well things got pushed back but I finally feel like it is on the mend and hope to be running next week! Cross your fingers...
Two weekends ago I went to KC to see Tayler, my amazing girlfriend. Had a nice relaxing weekend, ate a ton, hung out, checked the place out a bit since her tiny little apartment will be my humble abode for parts of Nov and Dec and maybe Jan. On the whole KC is pretty cool, not sure about the training yet but figure I can ride on the trainer anywhere..haha..not funny.
This last weekend was a blast from the past. Went back to Iowa City to see a bunch of old swimmers, and see the new team and a football game. Needless to say it was a classic IC weekend, we tore up the Badgers in both sports and I felt a touch of death on the drive back to the airport Sunday morning. AWESOME weekend. Go Hawks!
The team is rolling, starting to send out proposals, and get companies onboard but so far so good. If you know anyone wanted to sponsor a kick ass tri team, get at me.
-My girl for running a marathon!
-Iowa swimming knocking off the badgers first time in a decade
-My foot for starting to heal

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