Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Without Limits Racing is born

First off, I guess a bit about myself would be useful. My name is Cameron Dye and I just finished up my second year as a professional triathlete. I was born and raised in Boulder, CO before taking a swimming scholarship at the University of Iowa. After four years of swimming and some school I came back to Boulder with a BBA in Finance and the opportunity to chase a life long dream of becoming a professional triathlete. After two seasons I have been able to establish myself as one of the young up and comers in USA triathlon and a force to be reckoned with in the water.

Recently, myself and a group of triathletes/friends begun the process of putting together a triathlon team. Now many teams have come and gone and the biggest reason was a lack of commitment from the athletes for the long term and the sponsors because they weren't getting anything in return. Our team is going to address those two issues straight up!

Without Limits Racing... htt://www.withoutlimitsracing.com CHECK IT OUT!!

This is a group of 6 individuals that are coming together to help each other make a push for the 2012 Olympics, as well as bring the amazing sport of triathlon to the masses. Through a viral marketing plan that will allow us to educate the public on the products of our sponsors we can forge a lasting, and growing relationship that helps all parties.

More on the team soon as it comes together...

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Dwight said...

You looked great out there Cam! We were cheering you on at the 5K turnaround waterstop. Sorry the swim had to be shortened but I have a strong feeling you'll win next year.
Forerunners Track Club