Thursday, September 29, 2011

Liam Robert Dye

On Sunday I got home from the LA triathlon at about 12am and Natalie was having some stomach pain. We tried to get some sleep but she woke me at 6am and we decided to head to the hospital. She wasn't due for another 3+ weeks but we just wanted to make sure everything was ok. Good thing we did too because once we got there and they lessened her pain some they did some blood work and found out the baby was ok but needed to come out. Luckily our OB decided that it would be worth trying a natural delivery before doing doing surgery so they induced her at about 10am.

Sparing you the details, my wife is my hero! She had the baby with 3 epidurals that all wore off and at 2:51 Liam Robert Dye came into the world at 6lbs, 18.75in. Not too bad for a 36 and 5 baby. The doctors say that he is in perfect health and that mom is doing just great, especially considering that the way she gave birth was probably the worst way possible. I am so proud of my baby and so happy for my new baby. I will post a pic as soon as I have one on the computer, but for now I gotta figure out how to get focused on tearing up the race in Dallas on Sunday! Thank you for all kind words of support and congratulations!


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